Thursday, June 11, 2009

AKA Dress @ Gilt Groupe

Check out the dress I just bought @ Gilt Groupe. It' s by AKA and it's called the Silk Aztec Embroidered Dress ($128, originally $325) It's hot. It's also available in Black. Want access to some of the best sales around? All you have to do is go to this link and you're ready to shop! I can't wait to get my dress. Happy shopping! Tell me in the comments what you would accessorize this dress with, I need help. Thanks!


Semi Permanent Make Up said...

well i do permanent makeup but i bouth 6 bottle of permanent makeup pigments and im looking on the ingredients part and i see oxide what isthat or that bad or what ?? or thats normal ingredient ? Chill out my dear, that's a normal

k.rock said...

i absolutely love this dress!! i saw a girl wearing it this past weekend at a football game and want it so bad. i am hoping to find one somewhere somehow!!

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