Monday, July 27, 2009

MAC - Baby Bloom

Become a force of nature... Introducing Baby Bloom, the newest and simplest way to combat hot and cold extremes, air-conditioning and outrageous heat, with our next generation collection of STUDIO MOISTURE TINT treatments... makes the sunny side of the street the place to meet!

Five neutral skin-tone shades, all SPF 15, to drench skin in healing emollients, give it glow, rescue it from future damage. And fresh new SUNTINTS SPF 20 LIQUID LIP BALM in five colour shades, from Pink Tinge to Moist Plum, are THE BIG NEWS WE'VE BEEN TIGHT-LIPPED ABOUT... UNTIL NOW!

Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($29.50 US/ $38 CDN)
-Light- Soft Pale Beige
-Medium- Warm Beige
-Medium Dark- Caramel Beige
-Dark- Deep Caramel
-Deep Dark- Rich Golden Bronze

Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm ($14.50 US/ $17.50 CDN)
-Just A Smidge- Soft Pastel Yellow w/ Multi-coloured Pearl
-Lilt Of Lily- Soft Creamy Pale Pink
-Pink Tinge- Clean Bright Yellow Pink w/ Gold Pearl
-Full Of Grace- Soft Sheer Rose
-Moist Plum- Light Lilac w/ Very Fine Pearl

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