Thursday, July 09, 2009

MAC - Euristocrats 2

"While "a kiss on the hand can be quite continental," a modern girl does the kissing now, knowing she has the drop-dead drama of these hot new Dazzleglass shades.

In the very latest violet, coral and pink passion hues, to add the sheen, the sparkle, and the OOH-LA-LA that never fails to entertain. They're the "something extra" we've added to the LIPSTICK and DAZZLEGLASS collection Euristocrats can't get enough of. MORE, MORE, MORE!"

Lipstick ($14 US /16.50 CDN)
-Costa Chic- Frosty light coral
-Naked Paris- Sheer pink brown with multi-dimensional pearl

-Patisserie- Sheer creamy neutral pink
-Milan Mode- Sheer deep pink with multi-dimensional pearl

-London Life- Sheer deep berry with multi-dimensional pearl

-Saint Germain- Clean pastel pink
-Cockney- Sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl

Dazzleglass ($18 US/ $21.50 CDN)
-Date Night- Soft blue purple with pearl
-Euro Beat- Peach coral with gold pearl
-Internationalist- Yellow pink with blue pearl

-Local Colour- Neutral yellow pink with gold pearl

-Roman Holiday- Medium brown coral with pink pearl

-Rue D'Rouge- Light red with pink pearl

-Via Veneto- Light violet with blue pearl

Lip Pencil ($13 US/ $15.50 CDN)
-Magenta- Vivid pinkish-purple
-Cherry- Vivid bright blush-red

-Subculture- Underground pink

-Whirl- Dirty rose

1 comment:

Jennyfer said...

wow! This is are amazing with bright dark shades, I loved Lip Pencil, and the price is also reasonalble...

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