Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Essie - Fall 2009

-Chinchilly- Granite Grey
-Angora Cardi- Deep Dusty Rose
-Mink Muffs- Smoky Taupe
-Midnight Cami- Shimmering Twilight Blue
-Bright Tights- Electric Orange
-Pink Parka- Hot Pink

Buy them for $8 separately, the whole set for $48 or 4 mini polishes for $17 at

1 comment:

Miss said...

I don't dig this collection, unfortunately. That's because I'm a french-manicure, bold bright red, lady pink type of girl.

But (just struck me) Essie's fall polishes would be awesome as a base layer to work with Konad Image plates? Yep, thins so! :)

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