Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MAC - Fall 2009 As Seen By Richard Phillips, Painter

MAC Celebrates the idea of the artist in every shade and stripe... Makeup as art form. We've selected 3 individuals who exemplify this idea. Bold, heroic, big; giggly, playful, clever; dramatic, original, abstract: Fall '09 as seen by Richard Phillips, Maira Kalman and Marilyn Minter. Be inspired!

Make-Up Art Cosmetics Fall '09 As Seen By Richard Phillips, Painter

Lipstick ($14 US/ $16.50 CDN)
-Front Lit- Light White Yellow (frost)
-High Strung- Deep Pink Silver (frost)
-Lovin' It- Cool Neutral w/ Yellow Undertone (lustre)
-Hold The Pose- Brown Plum w/ Gold Pearl (lustre)
-Full Body- Deep Red Plum (lustre)

Lipglass ($14/ $16.50 CDN)
-Young Thing- Yellow Neutral w/ Gold Pearl (frost)
-Personal Taste- Dirty Rose w/ Pink and Gold Pearl (frost)
-New Spirit- Light Yellow Coral (frost)
-On Display- Purple w/ Yellow Pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow x 4 - Notoriety ($36 US/ $43 CDN)
-Skintone 1- Light White Pink (lustre)
-Skintone 2- Dirty Gold (frost)
-Notoriety- Dirty Brown w/ Golden Pearl (velvet)
-Rich & Earthy- Rich Coral Bronze (veluxe pearl)

Eye Shadow x 4 - In The Gallery ($36 US/ $43 CDN)
-Lightfall- Pale Pink (satin)
-Look At The Eyes- Light Violet (frost)
-In The Gallery- Deep Blue Pink (matte)
-Private Viewing- Deep Brown Plum (matte)

Eye Shadow x 4 - Photo Realism ($36 US/ $43 CDN)
-Photo Realism- Gold Shimmer w/ Gold Pearl (frost)
-Fresh Approach- Cool Mint Green (veluxe pearl)
-Image Maker- Dirty Grey Green (frost)
-Grey Range- Deep Blue Green (veluxe pearl)

Plush Lash ($13 US/ $15.50 CDN)
-Plushblack- Black

Powder Blush ($18.50 US/ $22 CDN)
-The Perfect Cheek- Dirty Pale Pink (matte)
-Notable- Dirty Brick Brown Red (satin)

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