Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: Bio-Oil

I first saw Bio-Oil (2 oz. for $11.99) at CVS in the lotion aisle. I was intrigued but didn't pick it up. Later on that week I received one in the mail. Sweet. Among its main ingredients are Vitamins A & E and Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and PurCellin Oils. It contains no preservatives and has no water in it, which makes the growth of bacteria impossible.

I am all about oils, let me tell you. I love 'em. They're such a delightful change from lotion. This one feels lightweight and doesn't have an overpowering scent. There is a scent, it's slightly floral. Probably a combination of the lavender, rosemary and chamomile. I love that it's a multi-tasker. I can use it all over my body AND on my face. BONUS: My cat recently attacked the crap out of my arm one night while I was sleeping, so we'll see if it helps with the (many) scars. I also like that you can get it at CVS for $12. Overall I'm liking it.

face candy grade: A

Here's a list of the things it can help with:
-SCARS- Reducing the appearance of old and new scars
-STRETCH MARKS- Prevents stretch marks
-UNEVEN SKIN TONE- Reduces appearance of pigmentation marks
-AGING SKIN- Improves skin elasticity
-DEHYDRATED SKIN- Protects against the elements
-SUNBURN- Soothes and hydrates skin


Tamara said...

I've been meaning to try Bio-oil and will now pick some up at CVS based on your review. I just turned 50 and have noticed that my skin ain't what it used to be. Very, very dry and hard to keep hydrated looking even though I slather on anti-aging lotions and drinks lots of water!

Anonymous said...

Also one of its top ingredients is paraffin oil, also known as kerosene. You know, the stuff you put in lamps to burn that's highly flammable and no doubt clogs pores like you wouldn't believe.

Anonymous said...

I guess it works for some people like all products. Some people have not seen any results like this the person who wrote this article here.

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