Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sonia Kashuk - Spring 2009

This is a collection that I'm very excited about. The quality and price of the items are incredible. Available at Target, not too much of it is available at, so I suggest perusing your local tar-jay.

Shimmering Loose Mineral Blush ($8.99, not pictured)- Loose powder blush available in Angelica- pale baby ink and Fairy- warm peachy pink. The lid is "self locking," I have yet to see if it actually keeps the lid on. I'm a bit skeptical about that. Other than that I like the hot pink top w/ mirror and there's a powder puff that sits on top. I tried Fairy, the shimmery powder inside has the perfect amount of shimmer and hint of color. I couldn't use it as a highlighter, it's too pink.

face candy grade: b

Super Sheer Liquid Tint ($9.99)- Liquid Blush. Available in Peony, Rose and Poppy. I tried Poppy- bright coral pink and Rose- raspberry red. This is totally what I imagine Giorgio Armani's limited edition Fluid Blushes were like. But I have no reference for comparison. :( Oh well. These are awesome. Truly awesome. I want Peony now! The gel provides a nice smooth application with a bright pop of color. A teensy weensy little bit will do you so a tube will last you a long while.

face candy grade: a+

Beautyifying Blush ($8.99)- Powder Blush. I used Nude- medium tan and Lily- medium coraly pink. I LOVE the packaging! The white is very sleek and they're magnetized! The lid sticks to the pan! No stupid little clicky thing. Genius, I say. Genius. The powder inside is fine and has buildable color.

face candy grade: a+

Creme Blush ($9.99)- Long lasting creme formula. Available in new shade: Blossom. In the package, Blossom looks nice and warm but on the cheeks, it's more opaque and cool pink. Maybe it's because the color was on the light side it didn't stay on for too long.

face candy grade: b-

Velvety Shine Lip Crayon ($7.99)- A moisturizing, satiny smooth lip crayon. Available in new shades: Hot Pink, Pale Pink and Luscious Pink. I have Pale Pink and Hot Pink. MUST HAVE Luscious Pink! These chunky crayons provide color and gloss. BEST CRAYON EVER! I still like Bobbi Brown's Lip Crayons, but they're almost 3x the price of these!

face candy grade: a+

Ultra Shine Sheer Lip Gloss ($8.99)- A sheer gloss in a sleek tube. Available in new shades: Beauty and Flawless. Flawless- medium terracotta, Beauty- bright pink with subtle shimmer. Because they're on the sheer side, the texture is thinner and you have to re-apply more. Other than that, they're high-shine and non-sticky. No weird smell. Check out this post by Karen @ Makeup and Beauty Blog, where she compares them to Chanel Aqualumiere Glossimers.

face candy grade: a

Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Eye Liner ($8.99)- Gel eye liner. Available in Indigo, Cocoa and Ebony. I tried Indigo, which reminded me of Lancome's Indigo Charm Eye Liner, maybe a bit brighter. I had high hopes for this one, but after about 45 minutes, it started to flake and disappear. It might work for you, but it didn't work for me.

face candy grade: d


Phyrra said...

Oooh! I've got to go look for those lip crayons! I love the Nyx version and those colors look great!

Robyn said...

Thank you for the great review on these products. I see a few I want to try (some of the lip crayons and that bright pink blush are calling me). I wish I had read this review earlier; I just made a Target run this afternoon.

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