Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tarte - Holiday 2009

treasure chest
Treasure Chest (Sephora exclusive, $52, valued at $686)
-16 new shimmering eye shadows
-16 new matte eye shadows
-16 new lip glosses
-1 mineral powder bronzer in park avenue princess
-1 new soft pink luminizer
-4 new powder blushes.

Crown Jewels ($39)- 15 mini lip glosses.
Glittering Green Goddesses:
-Sheer nude-peach
-Sheer beige
-Sheer sweet pink
-Sheer cotton candy pink
-Sheer shimmering cinnamon

Dazzling Divas:
-Dazzling warm sand
-Dazzling gold
-Dazzling orchid
-Dazzling violet
-Dazzling coral-pink

Twinkling Trendsetters:
-Twinkling strawberry
-Twinkling melon-pink
-Twinkling fuchsia
-Twinkling brick red
-Sheer raspberry

Three Carats ($25)- 3 mini cheek stains.
-Brilliant- Shimmering champagne
-Princess- Shimmering rose
-Cushion- Shimmering deep apricot

All three of these are really pretty and wearable shimmery shades. Princess and Cushion are pink colored, good as blushes and Brilliant is a very shimmery highlighting shade. They feel kind of cooling on the skin, which I like. And of course the blinged-out mini tubes are super cute.

face candy grade: A+

*A press sample was provided for review. It did not change my opinion in any way.

I'm pretty tempted to pick up the palette too. It looks kind of awesome.

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