Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: Lush Bath Products

The Sicilian Bath Bomb ($5.95)- Imagine a bright, sunny vacation in the orange grooves of Sicily. I'm generally not a big fan of Bath Bombs. They seem wasteful. Like, do I really need a whole ball, the size of my fist to fizz up my water? Nah. Every once in a while I will indulge (when I have extra time to clean the tub afterward.) I get pretty excited when the water turns color. I LOVE that. In this case the water was orange. This made the bath water smell delightful. Orange, tangerine, mandarin and neroli waft up your nose. I suggest you close your eyes, light a candle and relax. At $5.95, I prefer to carefully break mine in half and save for another occasion. Did it do anything amazing to my skin? No. It's a novelty treat.

face candy grade: B-

Vanilla In the Mist Soap ($6.25)- I personally am not a huge fan of handmade soap. I gave it a shot with this Vanilla soap. What really killed it for me was the huge, dark brown vanilla beans sticking out of the top. Obviously if you rub this on your body, you will have a sludge of dark brown vanilla-y goop. Smells good. But I had to throw it out and replace it with a fresh bar of Irish Spring.

face candy grade: D

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