Monday, February 01, 2010

Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish

A while ago there was a half off sale at and I picked up some polishes to review. For some reason when I make these little collages in Photoshop, the colors don't come out as brilliant as they do on my screen. For that I apologize, because they are much brighter and prettier than they look here.

Bikini Bottom ($18)- A watery pale blue. I was very excited about this one, but disappointed when I tried it. Why? I needed 4-5 coats to get the opaque blue I wanted. I read a reader's comment saying to use a white base underneath. I'll have to try that.

Starfish-Patrick ($18)- Sheer peachy coral. LOVE this one. Peachy but just orange enough.

Coral ($18)- Bright coral. This deep pink coral is perfect for toes.

Mimsas ($18)- Deep purple creme. I of course had to try out Michelle Mimsas' signature color (which is also a perfect Ravens purple) of the nail blog, All Lacquered Up. This does NOT disappoint. One coat is almost completely opaque. Love the brightness and opacity.

Overall, I think that $18 is too much to pay for one polish. However for the $9 I paid for them, I think it was still a bit pricey but much more reasonable. I really want to try the glitter polishes now. You know how I love my glitter. I like the packaging design and the wide array of colors.

face candy grade: B

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