Sunday, February 07, 2010

War of the Empty Palettes: UNII vs Coastal Scents + WIN IT!

Some time ago, I got into a de-potting phase. I'd sit in my living room, holding MAC shadows with tongs, over a candle flame. Well, once you de-pot, you obviously need somewhere to store the shadows. All of the ones pictured above are MAC. Here are two options.

-Magnetic- contains adhesive magnetic sheets
-Holds one pan less than the other one
-Has a mirror
-Nice snap-shut closure
-Ability to store brushes and differently shaped pans
-Comes in different colors: pink, blue, yellow, purple and silver
-Contains a small, movable thumb grip- a little square magnet with a little plasticy flower
-Brands that sell refills:
Laura Mercier
MAC (At MAC stores only)
Make-Up Designory (MUD)
Mary Kay
Mod Cosmetics
Trish McEvoy

face candy grade: A-

*A sample was provided by a PR Company for review. It did not change my opinion in any way.


-Not magnetic with MAC products, only Coastal Scents. (I actually tried to put magnetic strips on the back of these but it made the pan taller and the lid would not close.)
-A tiny bit bigger in size
-Holds one shadow more than the UNII
-Flimsy easy to open closure. (I keep them together with rubber bands to ensure they don't all fall out in transit. Because that happened. And it was not cool.)
-Only comes in matte black

face candy grade: B-

Overall, both of these palettes have their high points. The Coastal Scents one is good if you need a quick fix. And at $7.95, you can't really beat that price, IMO. The UNII is your high end option. While it's more expensive, the plastic is harder and more durable and I feel safer knowing the delicate pans won't fall out. I also like its versatility- you can store blushes or face powders alongside your eye shadows. And of course the fact that it has a large mirror.


Comment here, telling me what you'd put in yours and why you want one. Open to US residents only. Multiple entries will be ignored. You must leave your email address. Contest ends February 25th, 2010.


Hyzenthlay said...

I've just started depotting my MAC shadows (I've only been "into" makeup for about 8 months), so I'd put them into this pretty palette, rather than the black MAC one that I've started to fill. Once I can figure out how to press my pigments, I'll have more pans than space, so this would be great!

vrtish55 said...

I had just finished reading a review on UNII Palette, and thought it was pretty and a cool idea. I have some refills that I bought that could use a good home, and keep them together instead of searching in my make-up drawer or bag. I love the blue and a big extra plus for the mirror! vickers_73460(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I never had a palette - not sure what i would put in it as I normally buy Chanel quads - but have bought Mac eye shadows & blushes so I guess I would put those in.

Caity said...

I would love to win a palette! I have been a little apprehensive about depoting all of my mac makeup, but with all of the business traveling I have been doing lately, it would be wonderful to have a more compact way to take all of my makeup with me :)

LilyBiscuit said...

I'd love to win this! I'm a makeup junkie, yet, I have never bought a palette. I have several single MAC eye shadows that I'd put in....mylar, vanilla, of summer, charcoal brown, sweet lust and more. Thanks!

vac924 at gmail dot com

Alemom said...

Hello I would love one of those because I have a lots of pan and I dont own a palette to put them in.
Great giveaway.

whiteroseofpa215 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

sethjody said...

I would use this as my travel pallet to take eye shadows and blush in one pallet. It would make being on the go soo much easier.

Shana said...

I'd put my depotted Urban Decay shadows in there because they arent just round and I would do that because I need to condense my kit and make room for more makeup! Good luck to everyone!

lee5458 said...

The heavier one is what I would go for? I DROP THINGS? BREAK! I would keep all my perishables in there? Down here is a major problem with the HEAT? I would keep my Pacifica solid little perfume in there from not melting? My lip gloss. that TO HAS GONE BY BY? sugar LIPSTICK TOO? All my blended cream face bronzers that seem to feel like mush when I stick my hand in my pocketbook driving? Guess you get the picture!! Thanks.

Natalie said...

I would put some of my lipglosses from palattes in and my .mark eyeshadows and MAC eyeshadows (depotted of course). Thanks for the giveaway!

. said...

i don't have much experience in this sort of thing but if i win this that would be my motivation to start partaking in all the fun

emcSquared said...

I would use it for my random eyeshadows. I buy shadows, sometimes 2, 3, or 4 colors per compact. I drop the compact or use up 1 or two colors and I'm left with only 1 and a lot of half empty compacts taking up precious room!!

em9499 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would like a UNII palette because I buy various brands of make-up that are different sizes and shapes. I would like to be able to store 2 or 3 complete looks in one place and not take out or tug around so many individual containers, especially when getting ready somewhere else besides home.

Naturally Jenny said...

Nice giveaway!

I would put some of my MAC eye shadows and others in there!

It would be helpful to travel!

hi said...

Wow the UNII palette looks like a dream! I am srsly drooling. Actually, I have nearly a hundred eyeshadows and no palettes. Mostly it is because I own shadows from a variety of brands. If I won the UNII palette I would use it to create the ultimate blend of eyeshadows!!
xemailheather at gmail dott com

Shao said...

I recently just got into MAC with an MSFN and their Studio Finish I want their eyeshadows! I would buy the pans and put them into that beauuuutiful case :) shaobeibei [at] ymail [dot] com

Scarlett said...

I currently don't own a palette so I have a stockpile of depotted eyeshadows and MUFE shadows I really need to condense to one place. Plus, the MACPro blush pans that only come in pan form.

The list goes on and on... :-)

Trish said...

This review and others on the UNII just win me over time and time again. I love the size and durability each and every review raves about.

I would definitely mix up my combo with blush, highlight, shadows, and some lip glosses along with great travel size brushes. Though that would be awesome to fit in face powder along with the mentioned too. I have started to depot a lot of different shadows. I hate carrying a make up bag that either can't fit half of what I need or takes up 90% of my bag.

Convenience is what I aim for. Thanks for this giveaway!


susan said...

I'd try to put everything in it ~ pressed powder, eyeshadow, blush, lip color ~ whatever pans that can successfully depotted would hopefully all fit in there. We travel a lot and this would make packing that much more easier to get up and go!

Suzy said...

I would like to be able to store an entire look in one of these - eyeshadow, blush, powder and perhaps lip gloss.


I'd put all my blushes in there! I was thinking of getting a mac palette for it but then i thought i want to also add other brands. this would be perfect for it!

Marshy said...

What's so interesting about an empty palette like the UNII is that you can mix brands. You can use the larger squares of Bobbi Brown with the smaller squares of Trish McEvoy (as examples) and create exactly the palette that you want. Travel becomes easier this way as does home storage.

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