Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MAC - Colour 1, 2, 3 & 4 Forecast Reviews

Spring Colour 1 Forecast
-Lipstick ($14) in Phlox- Sheer Light Pink
This is sheer on me but I have very pigmented lips. It provided a medium pink glaze, but not much more.

face candy grade: C
Spring Colour 2 Forecast
-Lipstick ($14) in Colour Me Coral- Frosted light coral (frost)
On my medium skin, the pale coral was too pale and frosty to work.

face candy grade: C

-Lipglass ($14) in Cha Cha- Mid-tone pink with gold pearl (frost)
Again, a little too pale and frosty for me.

face candy grade: B-

-Eye Shadow ($14.50) in Straw Harvest- Frost light yellow orange (veluxe pearl)
It gave a very sheer layer of yellow-gold/orange shimmer. I couldn't really see it on me. Maybe it would be better if you used a base.

face candy grade: C

-Crush Metal Pigment- Stacked 2! ($32.50)
-Pale gilded beige frost
-Yellow gold frost
-Green gold frost
-Copper gold frost

I really only like the top and bottom pots. The other too are way too yellow and green for me. They all are kind of thick chunky glitter. I recommend using wet. Otherwise you have a decent amount of fall out.

face candy grade: B

-Blush Ombre ($25) in Malibu Peach- Bright creamy tangerine (cream)
I love this bright pink to peach blush. A perfect pop on the cheeks will make you look SO springy. I like the idea of a gradation. You get more colors that way.

face candy grade: A+
Spring Colour 3 Forecast
Lipglass ($14) in Purple Rage- Dark berry with pearl (frost)
My husband told me yesterday that he doesn't really like red and bright pink lipstick but the purple and maroons more. WOW. I was shocked. WHY? He doesn't know. So I guess I'll take that into consideration, but it's certainly not going to stop me from wearing red and bright pink, they're too cool! Anyway, he liked this one a lot. It's a berry shade that is only slightly purple. Totally hot. Serena and Blair were using a similar shade on Gossip Girl this week. I'm smitten.

face candy grade: A+
Spring Colour 4 Forecast
-Lipglass ($14) in Gold Dust- Mid-tone copper with pearl (frost)
This has a bright yellow shimmer that looks great over a darker color.

face candy grade: B

-Eye Shadow X4- Colour 4 ($36.00 U.S./$43.00 CDN)
-Manila Paper- Pale frosted white gold (veluxe pearl)
-Flip- Bronze gold (frost)
-Aztec Brick- Frosted true copper (veluxe pearl)
-Creole Beauty- Frosted dark golden brown (frost)
I had high hopes for this. But Aztec Brick was too orange/red and Flip and Manila Paper didn't really show up very much. Creole Beauty was the winner of the bunch for me. I suggest saving your $.

face candy grade: C

-Blush Ombre ($25.00 U.S./$30.00 CDN)
-Springshine- Neutral suntan
This is a great bronzer and contour powder. There's not much shimmer at all. Definite love. If it's still available, go get it.

face candy grade: A+

*Samples were provided by PR Company or Manufacturer. It did not change my opinion of these products.

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