Sunday, March 14, 2010

MAC - Spring Colour Forecast

"Pick a mood, decide on a demeanor, then mix it up for a fervent flash of authentic emotion! Spring Colour Forecast centers on four specific stories: coral, pink/lavender, yellow/gold and plum/ burgundy... Keep it monochromatic or cross over to the other side. The result is deeply personal, vividly alive, atristic, undeniably impactful. Featured in four parts on four displayers. Each with a different couture color trend inspiration making a strong, singular sensation on its own, product innovation is here now, too with two new limited-life introductions: Crush Metal Pigment and Blush Ombre."
Spring Colour 1 Forecast
Lipstick ($14 U.S./ $16.50 CDN)
-Phlox- Sheer light pink (glaze)
-Bubblegum- Light lavender pink (glaze)
-Laugh A Lot- Mauve pink (lustre)
-Pink Burst- Clean bright pink with pearl (frost)

Lipglass ($14 U.S./ $16.50 CDN)
-Cultureclash- Frosty clear baby pink with multidimensional pearl (frost)
-Hush, Hush Rose- Mid-tone blue pink with pearl (frost)
-Electric Fuchsia- Bright violet with blue pearl (frost)

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN)
-Rosy Outlook- Frosted baby pink (satin)
-Very Violet- Dark violet (frost)
-Lala- Mid-tone pink (frost)
-Da Bling- Pink with gold pearl (veluxe pearl)

Crush Metal Pigment - Stacked 1! ($32.50 U.S./$38.50 CDN)
-Pale pink frost
-Light lilac frost
-Mid-tone rose frost
-Dark purple frost

Plushlash ($13 U.S./$15.50 CDN)
-Plushblack- Black

Blush Ombre ($25 U.S./$30 CDN)
-Azalea Blossom- Light cool pink

Nail Lacquer ($12 U.S./$14.50 CDN)
-Galore Pink- Creamy mid-tone blue pink (Cream)

Creations- Pinkaura ($25 U.S./$30 CDN)
Floral that starts out green with freesia, black violet and magnolia petals. Sashays into rich warm amber and balmy vetiver.

Spring Colour 2 Forecast
Lipstick ($14 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
-Colour Me Coral- Frosted light coral (frost)
-Victorian- Frosted light golden pink (frost)
-Fresh Salmon- Sheer bright pink orange (lustre)
-Rose Maiden- Frosted bright berry (frost)

Lipglass ($14 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
-Ember Glow- Creamy light apricot (cream)
-Kumquat- Frosty tangerine (frost)
-Cha Cha- Mid-tone pink with gold pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow ($14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN)
-Perky- Light salmon pink (satin)
-Straw Harvest- Frost light yellow orange (veluxe pearl)
-Hot Hot Hot- Mid-tone coral (satin)
-Nanogold- Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl (lustre)

Crush Metal Pigment- Stacked 2! ($32.50 U.S./$38.50 CDN)
-Pale gilded beige frost
-Yellow gold frost
-Green gold frost
-Copper gold frost

Plushlash ($13 U.S./$15.50 CDN)
-Plushblack- Black

Blush Ombre ($25 U.S./$30 CDN)
-Ripe Peach- Light coral

Nail Lacquer ($12 U.S./$14.50 CDN)
-Malibu Peach- Bright creamy tangerine (cream)

Creations ($25 U.S./$30 CDN)
-MV2- Cool, Calm and classic. Vanilla teased with lemon, melted with lavender creme, and then given a warming shot of vanilla bourbon mixed sith vanilla mousse and heliotrope.

Spring Colour 3 Forecast
Lipstick ($14 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
-Radicchio- Sheer mid-tone blue mauve (lustre)
-Hang-Up- Deep berry (cremesheen)

Lipglass ($14 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
-Lavender Wind- Lavender with pearl (frost)
-Purple Rage- Dark berry with pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow X4- Colour 3 ($36 U.S./$43 CDN)
-Mink Pink- Neutral soft pink (veluxe)
-Bruised Plum- Frosted mid-tone dirty mauve (veluxe pearl)
-Black Tulip- Frosted dark grape (frost)
-Jungle Moon- Blackened deep eggplant (matte)

Blush Ombre ($25 U.S./$30 CDN)
-Vintage Grape- Mid-tone violet pink

Nail Lacquer ($12 U.S./$14.50 CDN)
-Imperial Splendour- Deep creamy violet (cream)

Spring Colour 4 Forecast

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
-Beigeland- Frosted light pink beige (frost)
-Bronzilla- Frosted mid-tone yellow brown (frost)

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
-Almondine- Pale gold with pearl (frost)
-Gold Dust- Mid-tone copper with pearl (frost)

Eye Shadow X4- Colour 4 ($36.00 U.S./$43.00 CDN)
-Manila Paper- Pale frosted white gold (veluxe pearl)
-Flip- Bronze gold (frost)
-Aztec Brick- Frosted true copper (veluxe pearl)
-Creole Beauty- Frosted dark golden brown (frost)

Blush Ombre
($25.00 U.S./$30.00 CDN)
-Springshine- Neutral suntan

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 U.S./$14.50 CDN)
-Abalone Shell- Light creamy warm beige (cream)

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