Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Lipstick Queen

Lipstick Queen had always been on my list of brands to try, I'd just never gotten around to it. So when there was a sale on (Not a member? Sign up here) I took it as a sign and purchased a few things to test.

Saint Rouge Sheer Lipstick ($18)- A Pinkish red, almost deep cherry sheer lipstick. A truly luxurious berry shade that stains lips with a slight glossy feel. I LOVE it. Saint- Sheer Lipsticks are made with 10% pigment, whereas Sinner- Opaque Lipsticks are made with 90% pigment. They are meant to provide a subtle hint of color, but it's buildable. I am quite excited to try the Sinner formula next!

face candy grade: A+
The next thing I tried was the Chinatown Glossy Pencil ($20) in Genre- Bright Orange. It's a jumbo sized, super sheer, draw on gloss with jumbo sharpener. All of the names are inspired by Roman Polanski's Chinatown. In the picture above it appears a lot more muted. In real life it's BRIGHT orange. A little too orange for me so I like to layer something darker over it. The formula is silky smooth. Next time I'd like to try Crime or Thriller.

face candy grade: B
Oxymoron - Matte Gloss ($20) 4 subtle sheer shades that wear like a gloss but look matte. I got Honest Politician, described as a pink meets brown and just like some politicians... a love child is born. It comes with a little brush to apply it with. I wish there was a mirror inside. Not a gloss, but a creamy lipstick that can be used on cheeks too. I like this, but it's not one of my favorites.

face candy grade: B-
Finally we have the Shine Mini Kit ($24)- 4 mini Shine Lip Glosses in Silver Saint, Gold Saint, Red Sinner and Wine Sinner. I was surprised by how gooey these were. They're thick and moisturizing and manage to last a bit longer than most pot glosses. The Red is very sheer, I couldn't even really tell the difference on my lips (but mine are quite pigmented), The Gold and Silver are perfect on their own or over lip pencil or stick or stain and I'm a sucker for pink so I liked the Wine the best.

face candy grade: B+

I personally find Poppy King extremely inspirational. She started her own company months out of high school because she couldn't find any lipsticks she liked. Everything about her line is sophisticated and beautiful, the fact that she handpicked every color, down to the packaging of the makeup to the beautiful cards that come with it. One thing that I really like is that it's accessible to everyone. While $18 for a lipstick isn't exactly frugal to some people, it's not bad compared to $30 for a Chanel Rouge Coco or $45 for a Guerlain Rouge G. It's just something that makes you feel special. One of the joys of being a girl. I'm sure I'll give one to my Mom and my Mom-in-Law and hopefully one day I'll give one to my daughter(s). It's something every woman should have, kind of like a really nice, lacy, pretty pair of underwear. This is an excerpt from her website:

Lipstick Queen is not your average brand.... Everything you see, feel, touch and experience with it comes directly from me to you. I am still not a chemist, make up artist or anything else. I am just like you... I am a customer and as a customer I want something truly special... So that is what I put into every shade, texture and finish. A very special eye and a very committed soul.
She has a book, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen: Finding and Developing the Great Idea That Can Change Your Life ($23). I can't wait to read it.

Have you tried this brand? Tell me what you think and what your favorite shades are!

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