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MAC - Art Supplies + Reviews

Paint it, scribble all over, Art Supplies is everything you need to paint the ultimate self-portrait: Different styles of art pencils create eye looks that are expressive and individual, for a new kind of PowerPoint presentation. The pencil portion fo the collection focuses on a Greasepaint Stick in eight fabulous, limited-life shades… the ultimate inky colour payoff is an homage to the success we had with Style Black and DSquared2 last season. Use as a Shadow or Liner: ludicrously long-wearing, transfer- and water-resistant, flexible and five-star comfortable. New Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner with an exciting new shimmering sparkle effect, will also launch in limited-life, featuring six slick, smooth, sextronic shades.

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 U.S./$21 CDN)
-Uniformly Blue- Blackened navy
-Zinc Zone- Dark gunmetal
-Slick Black- True carbon black
-Greengrease- Blackened forest green
-Dirty- Blackened taupe with pearl
-Charred Mauve- Blackened violet
-Below Ground- Blackened bronze
-Brown, Now- Blackened burgundy

I tried Slick Black, Dirty and Below Ground. I had the original black greasepaint stick from Style Black or D2 I forget, but I didn't like how hard and unblendable it was. Well, they changed the formula and addressed both issues. They apply with ease and without tugging at your eyelid and they are creamy enough to blend. All 3 are nice colors to have but Dirty is my favorite for sure. It's a gorgeous shimmery taupe.

face candy grade: A

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner
($14.50 U.S./17.50 CDN)
-Almost Noir- Dirty plum
-Industrial- Periwinkle gray
-Designer Purple- Iridescent violet
-Undercurrent- Blue teal
-Petrol Blue- Deep navy
-Black Line- True black

I LOVE pearlglide eye liners. I have a Black Russian one that I love too much to bear to use it.
I tried Almost Noir and Black Line. Both of them are, for lack of a better phrase, the shit. They glide on and shimmer like no other. I want them all. If you've never tried one, GO! NOW! You'll be in love.

face candy grade: A+

Just as Art Supplies for Eyes invokes the vision, Art Supplies for Lips speaks to the ultimate in sensuality… Luscious lips drawn from innovative new Lipstain Markers and Lip Pencils to use like a modern multimedia artist would- design and discover! Incorporating the concept for art tools into the world of MAC makeup, these pencils and markers create dramatically different lip looks. New Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker has the doodle fun of a pen, but with sophisticated, light and long-wearing results. It’s all about artistic freedom!

Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker ($16 U.S./$19 CDN)
-Full of Flare- Bright yellow-coral
-Stylesetter- Hot pink
-A Classic- Rose red
-Purposefully Red- Dirty red-coral
-Modern Mocha- Light brown
-Point of View- Light neutral
-Tomorrow’s Coral- Mid-tone blue-red
-Runway Ripened- Berry plum-red
-Sunset- Coral brown

I received Stylesetter, Purposefully Red and Sunset. I was quite impressed with Stylesetter and Purposefully Red. Let's face it, making a lipstain marker is not the easiest. I was unimpressed with Cover Girl's, but these are bright, true to color and non-drying. They aren't moisturizing by any means, but they're not taking anything out. Color applies evenly and did not bleed into the fine lines around my lips. If you have deeper lines, you may want to use a clear liner or primer beforehand. Obviously if you lick your lips or eat/drink they will wear of sooner. If you don't- I'd say you've got 2-3 hours before there's any fading. I like to use 2 coats and layer clear gloss on top. They can be great as a base for lipstick too. Finally, they smell yummy, vanilla-y but they taste yucky. Sunset was okay, I just don't like brown lips. If you like lipstains, I recommend you try this, if you don't, skip it.

face candy grade: A+

Clear Lipglass ($14 U.S./$16.50 CDN)

*Samples were provided by PR Company or Manufacturer. It did not change my opinion of these products.
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