Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAC - Superglass Review + Giveaway!

Shattered, decimated, blinded by a fantastic, intergalactic lip light! Just when you thought Dazzleglass was the best-of bright, along comes Superglass, with secret, snowflake-shaped helicone pearls sparkling in three different facets for triple the dazzle! Lips have gone big bang, explosively dimensional, a rare eclipse! Gloss feels slick and sleek on application with no draggy speed bumps, not a hint of grit. A light aroma of vanilla enhances kissability. Extreme innovation that’s a good reflection on MAC and the seductress lucky enough to strike upon it.

Superglass ($18 US/$21.50 CDN)
-Tunnel of Love- Deep blue brown (Pearl)
-Sugar Overload- White beige (Pearl)
-Disco Blend- Light tan (Pearl)
-Sweet Tart- Baby pale pink (Pearl)
-Gift Wrap- Light pinky peach (Pearl)
-Totally Bang!- Fuchsia (Pearl)
-Cherry Electric- Bright cherry pink (Pearl)
-Superflash!- Mid-tone yellow pink (Pearl)
-Fab Frenzy- Deep blue purple (Pearl)

I tried Gift Wrap (4th from the left), which is probably the color I would have chosen first anyway. It's a bright coral-y pink with large chunks of holographic shimmer. Meaning, this is no subtle shimmer. I personally was not a fan of the big chunks of shimmer. The formula is similar to Dazzleglass and pretty sticky, but I prefer Dazzleglass to these.

face candy grade: B-


Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself! Win a Superglass in Tunnel of Love, a deep blue brown. This is a random giveaway for the people who read Face Candy via Google Friend Connect. Open to US residents only. Contest ends 5/31/10.


Roxy said...

woo hoo! you bet i'm a google friend!

hockiemack at

Dlori said...

I am vascilating as to whether I like this lip gloss or not. One day I do, and the next, not. I'm basing my opinion strictly from pictures so I'd sure like to see for myself, how it looks and feels. However, because I'n so unsure as to whether I'll like this, I'd love to win it in a giveaway as compared to spending almost $20 on a product I might not absolutely love. So thank you for another great giveaway and I'll keep my fingers crossed for good luck. DLori

etirv said...

Please count me in, thanks, I follow!


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