Monday, May 03, 2010

Skindinavia Summer Musts: Summer Moisturizer SPF 8 & Original Makeup Finish

Lately I've felt... uninspired. There's lots of things. around. but not a whole lot that I feel like writing about. ::long sigh:: oh well. Is global warming getting to anyone? It annoys me. This winter flat out sucked and I have a feeling this summer is going to be a scorcher. It's all ready pretty hot outside here in Baltimore, at least. 80 degrees. So I'm going to talk about a couple summer must-haves.

Skindinavia Summer Moisturizer SPF 8 ($39, 4 oz.) is a light mist that hydrates the skin and protects with SPF 8. It pulls moisture to the skin surface for up to 16 hours and primes skin for makeup application.

I've never tried a spray moisturizer before, I don't think, so this was intriguing to me. It feels different on than the other Skindinavia sprays. It bonds to your skin quickly and it doesn't feel dewy at all but it creates a harder, shinier type of layer for your makeup to glide onto. I wish the SPF was more like 20 or 25 but other than that I liked it. It's something new and functional, because I hate slathering on a thick cream on a humid day, it feels like it melts off. This is a lovely alternative. I can't say my skin felt super hydrated after using it, but it didn't feel dry. It's supposed to be a two in one thing, like moisturizer + the Original Makeup Finishing Spray but truthfully, I haven't used it without the other. I'm too paranoid about my makeup disappearing.

I'm used to using the Original Makeup Finish ($29, 4 oz.) every time I put on makeup. It's a true favorite and makeup artist staple. Besides holding makeup in place, it improves the makeup quality. It brightens colors, reduces shine and keeps foundation out of fine lines. Cryogenic technology lowers the makeup's temperature to avoid slipping or melting.

A couple spritzes over my face and I'm good to go. While I wouldn't go as far to say it holds for +16 hours, it works for the whole night, which I'd say is like 4-5 hours. It's a true favorite of mine, I have a smaller bottle too for travel, which I love. I really want to try the Dance! Makeup Finish and the Cool Flash Makeup Finish and see what the differences are... because they sound like the same thing.

Summer Moisturizer
face candy grade: b

Original Makeup Finishing Spray
face candy grade: A+

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