Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Face Candy Fashion: Outlet Stores

I was on the hunt this past weekend. I decided I needed some more Tory Burch in my life. I am a huge fan of hers. Actually if I could do lunch with 2 famous people, it would be her or Bobbi Brown and Tina Fey. (Oh God, I don't know if I could choose between TB and BB, I'd have to flip a coin. But it's a no brainer with Tina Fey. She's hilarious). They're all like the ultimate smart, successful, beautiful women. They should be girl's role models. Not Kim Kardashian (she's pretty, but what does she really do?) or Audrina Patridge.

Anyway, TB's prices are not exactly thrifty, so I decided to drag my husband over to Arundel Mills Mall, a 20 minute drive from Baltimore. There is a Neiman Marcus Last Call and a Off Saks Outlet (amongst many others) and an Egyptian Muvico Theater that serves ice cream and pizza and it's self serve, which is pretty cool. We saw The A-Team there, for kicks. It got panned in reviews, but it's kind of like... what were they expecting? Some brilliant cinematic masterpiece? It had everything a movie needs: action, violence, Bradley Cooper shirtless, Liam Neeson, comedy, a love story. The plot was kind of lame and there were way too many unrealistic explosions at the end, but if you turn off your brain, you'll enjoy it. I'm actually pretty disappointed there will not be a sequel. Side note: Hot Tub Time Machine was surprisingly enjoyable. John Cusack brings the adorable. You be the judge.

After the movie, we went window shopping. There was no TB at Neiman's but there was a small amount at Saks. In the size 5 section, I found the Tory Burch Kristen Black Canvas Espadrille Wedges (originally $275, on sale for $195) that you can't get online (other than ebay) or in store anymore. I'm a bit of a label whore and simply adore the gold logos on the back. I was hesitant to drop $200 on a pair of shoes, but I couldn't help myself. We all deserve a splurge once in a while, right? They aren't super comfy but they've got a 4 1/2 inch heel that make your legs look nice and long. I'm considering taking them to a shoe place and getting the bottoms reinforced with rubber but I'm not sure about that yet.

At Saks I also found a cute stripey dress similar to the one above. The black stripes are thicker, there are tiny shoulder pads and the back has a deep scoop neck. It's super cute. Made by a brand called 5148 (which is impossible to track down on the internet) it was $50 marked down.
Finally we have these Bangle Earrings by Amrita Singh that I bought off I can't remember the price. I did have an incident with these. I got them and I dropped one on the ground- a couple beads fell off. I snagged one with my purse and the entire hoop and bangle came off. Quite disappointed, I contacted customer service and they sent me a new pair, free of charge, I only had to pay for shipping (because I bought it from Hautelook). Despite that, I love the look of these earrings.

Combine all of the above and you've got a hot summer outfit! What's your favorite discount place to shop? I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Loehmann's.

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