Monday, July 19, 2010

My MAC Lipstick & Pigment Storage

I sort my makeup by product type. I have 2 boxes for only MAC Lipsticks and MAC Pigments. Unfortunately the lipsticks fit better without the tops on. But you could do this and take a picture so you can find exactly which color you're looking for. Be warned: as tempting as it is to roll the lipsticks up a bit to see the color better, don't. Because it's hard to arrange them without all of them falling over.

Then we have the pigments. The old ones fit so nicely inside the box but the new ones are just a bit too tall. The box is apparently from American Eagle underwear. How about that? I have no recollection of purchasing them, but that's okay. Both boxes are sturdy and stackable.
How do you store your makeup? There's more coming up...

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