Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review: Pink Guava 100% Natural Lip Smacker

I was at the Rite-Aid in my hood picking up some blotting papers for a Bride-to-Be and I happened upon these 100% Natural Lip Smackers. I chose Pink Guava. Who doesn't love a Lip Smacker? They totally bring back memories of going to the pharmacy with my Mom and begging her to buy me a lip balm while we waited for prescriptions. Back then it was Naturistics and Bonne Bell on the racks. Anyway, these little gems are made with beeswax, aloe, vitamin E, olive oil and fruit essence and is dye-free. The clear balm is slick and slippery, softer than the original version, but still functional and GREEN! They retail for $2.25 each and come in : Acai Berry, Vanilla Bean, Honeydew Melon and Pink Guava.

White perusing the Lip Smacker website, I did notice the Paul Frank section, and I can admit that I want the entire thing. It's SO cute. Love it.

Overall, not as quite as good as the original, but makes up for points in the green department. I'm kind of afraid it could melt if left in a beach bag. But only time will tell.

face candy grade: B+


Kari said...

Wow that looks so tasty and incredible.. nice find!

larissa said...

I haven't use Natural Lip Smackers before. But after reading this review I want to try it.

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