Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mark Go with the Grain Light Exfoliating Beads

mark Go with the Grain Exfoliating Beads ($9) contains Adzuki beans, rice bran and corn cob to provide mild exfoliation. I love the idea of this. Granules you can mix in with your regular facial cleanser to exfoliate! There is a little spout on the top to pour the beads out. You don't need much either, probably about a dime's worth. This way I don't have to have 2 cleansers, one that's exfoliating and one that isn't. I simply mix these grains with my Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Face Wash. The grains are tiny, like sand and provide mild exfoliation. For $9 you get a whole jar full! I really cannot see myself running out in the next year.

face candy grade: A

1 comment:

victoria said...

What an awesome idea! You're saves you from having to buy two products! Thanks for the find...

Victoria Stanell

Associate Product Editor

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