Thursday, September 23, 2010

Peace Out with Kiss My Face - Peace Soap

I was very excited about Kiss My Face's Peace Soap, (8 oz. foaming -$7.99, 17 oz. - $9.99, 34 oz. - $15.99) because it's organic AND it's for a good cause. 10% of profits from each sale goes to Seeds of Peace, a group that empowers children from regions of conflict with the leadership skills requred to advance reconciliation and coexist. The organic Castile soap that combines olive oil, coconut oil and hemp oil and jojoba oil for a rich lather and mild cleaning. Cleaning of what? you ask. Well, pretty much everything... Name it and this can clean it. Use it on your body, your face, your hair. Clean fruits and vegetables, countertops, the kitchen sink, laundry, hand washables... This summer I used it to wash my bikinis, the toilet and my body. GLOWING results. I tried Grassy Mint, which is more minty than grassy. The 17 oz. one will last you a good while. The packaging says "peace" in different languages. I really want one of the foaming ones- tres chic! I am kind of considering gifting them for Christmas. ;) Also available in: Lavender Mandarin, Pomegranate Acai and Lemongrass Clary Sage.

face candy grade: A+
BONUS:  Get a FREE 17 oz. PEACE SOAP with the purchase of any 34 oz. Peace Soap with code KMFPEACE at checkout.

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larissa said...

The product looking nice. Hope it's quality also good.

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