Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brenda Novak 3 Custom Color Specialists Collection

New York Times bestselling author, Brenda Novak's book White Heat inspired a similarly named lip gloss by 3 Custom Color Specialists and now two more- Body Heat Lip Gloss and Killer Heat Lip Gloss. White Heat is a sheer hot pink gloss with silver-white and opalescent shimmer. Body Heat is a fleshy cognac with flecks of violet and gold. I got Killer Heat, which is a sheer red with champagne shimmer and the book Killer Heat. The sheer red gloss is light weight, mildly pigmented, non-sticky and moisturizing. The color is like blood, perfect for fall. I love the clean round plastic packaging and the top that slides open. I like to wear it when I read it, I can totally imagine it on the main character Francesca. I was a bit skeptical about the book, but it manages to suck you in between the tension of solving a string of murders and the sexual tension among the two main characters who are ex-lovers. Each gloss is $21.50, but you can buy all three for a price of $33.33 at

face candy grade: A

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