Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

I bought the Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 ($28) a while ago and forgot to review it properly. While the tube is on the small side, I find that I only need a pea size amount to cover my entire face and even out my complexion. I have #2 Medium Honey, which is a little lighter than I expected but ended up working out well since my face is a little lighter now than in the summertime (for reference I'm a MAC NC 30). Aside from being all natural and oil-free, it smells like watermelon! and it lasts, even without a primer. I actually don't usually use a primer on my face anyway, but it ends up lasting the whole day. I'm talking 9-5:30. Past 5:30 you might want to do some touch-up work. It's labeled as a tinted moisturizer but I consider it more of a light foundation. Lately, it's been my go to.

My main gripe is the price. $28 for a measly 1.01 oz? Lame. I bought this at in the Bronze & Protect Trio (in warm, $29.50 for $66 value) when they were having a 20% off sale, which means I got it all for $23.60. But that includes a full size Bronzer and mini Face Primer. The Bronzer has a gold shimmer in it but I prefer mine matte. The Primer is perfect for traveling and smells like lemon. You can still get the whole kit at Sephora or at Korres. The good news is has lots of sales and special deals, so you might want to sign up for their newsletter.

Overall I'm really happy with the quality and lasting power of the Tinted Moisturizer. But I wouldn't pay full price for it.

face candy grade: B+

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