Monday, December 06, 2010

mark The Big Fix 15-in-1 Benefits Balm

mark The Big Fix 15-in-1 Benefits Balm ($10)
Made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients cocoa butter, olive oil and vanilla, and blended with sunflower oil and beeswax. This is a large greenish stick balm that moisturizes everywhere: cuticles, lips, feet, neck! I recently developed a strange itchy rash on my neck that proceeded to spread around and get worse for a couple days. I moisturized and used calamine lotion to soothe. It was still a bit itchy and red. Then I rubbed this all over and it has completely disappeared! It's a staple in my purse now because it feels so soothing and cool on wind burned skin. The moisture is just right, a balm that is light as air. The smell might bother you. I can't describe it... maybe kind of olive oily. But I've gotten used to it.

face candy grade: A+

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