Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NARS Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie

I bought the NARS Beauty In A Box: NARS Junkie Kit ($121 value, for $69) during Sephora's F&F Sale. Overall this is a good value and it includes great basics for you to test out and get a feel for the brand if you are new.

It includes a full sized eye palette with 5 powder shadows and 1 cream. I could do without the cream shadow in Unconditional Love (peach beige shimmer) because it disappears very quickly and I don't like the idea of creams and powders being in the same area. It might work as a highlighter. I could also do without the ivory powder shadow in Night Star (sheer peach with gold pearls), it was too glittery. Galapagos (bronze with gold flecks) is rich and lovely, but my favorite shades are the bottom row. Nepal (rose with shimmer) and Ondine (plum with gold shimmer) are gorgeous mixed together and the top lash line smoked with Thunderball (midnight gray). Pretty and work friendly, too. The lip gloss in Ophelia (strawberry nectar) is a pretty my-lips-but-better shade, though my lips are dark enough for it not to show any color. The mini multiple in orgasm and bronzer in laguna are too cute to not covet. Perfect purse size!Used together these products can transform you. Inside the box is a step-by-step tutorial that includes 3 looks: "Bronzed Glow, Sparkling Eye," "Romantic and Radiant," and "A Sophisticated, Smoldering Eye."

I pretty much loved everything in this kit. I hope Sephora and NARS bump nasties and do it again. Right now it's "not in stock" and being that it's limited edition, I don't know if they'll be getting any more. Bummer. Sorry I didn't write about it sooner.

face candy grade: A+

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