Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is this a Starz Ad?


What are your favorite TV Shows? My husband and I are always watching shows on Netflix Watch It Now.
I LOVE Party Down. I HATE that it was cancelled! Jane Lynch is on it in the first season and then Megan Mulally replaces her for season two. But it's a truly brilliant show. Did I mention that I'm totally in love with Adam Scott aka Henry? I am. Can you believe that in real life he's friends with Paul Rudd? I would explode if I ever saw the two of them together. Seriously. He's also Piranah 3D, which is craptastic, but semi-entertaining. Oh and Parks & Recreation, which I find to be... not my favorite. But I'll watch it if he's on it. That's how lame I am. He's my "awwww he's so cute" crush.

This is a total guilty pleasure, but Spartacus Gods of the Arena is one of my favorites too. It has lame 300-like slo-mo blood and gore and tons of naked people. There's a surprising amount of penis. And vagina. And sex. It's like... Troy meets 300 meets a softcore porno. I was skeptical that this one wouldn't be as good as Spartacus Blood & Sand, but it's awesome. I thoroughly enjoy it. My husband does too. Lucy Lawless is an evil bitch, but she's held up pretty damn well for her age.

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