Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tocca Helps Japan + 15% OFF

Until April 1st, Tocca will donate 50% of ALL PROCEEDS from to the Red Cross to support those effected by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. Use code HELPJAPAN at checkout and receive 15% OFF YOUR TOTAL PURCHASE. If you've never owned a Tocca candle, go fix that. Immediately.


candyconceptsinc said...

yes, let's help Japan!

-candy concepts

Looking back to our retro years, memories can never be complete without Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks that made much of our moments sweeter. The delectable confection is made from cane sugar and mounted on a 6-inch stick—just perfect to become stirrers for your coffee or tea. These sugar substitute are in bright colors: pink, blue, red, lime green, royal blue, and light blue among others. Afternoon parties or vintage-themed events will never be the same with these stick candies completely showered with every fruit or modern flavors such as cotton candy and rootbeer. So don’t end your meal without this feast finisher. Get your bulk orders to help everyone with a bite of the yesteryears!

Karen said...

I agree. Help Japan anyway you can. I'm moving and just sold a bunch of my kid's toys on Ebay - 10% went to Japan! I'm so pleased that the internet can make giving so easy!

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