Friday, August 05, 2011

Face Candy Fashion: My Favorite Summer Dress

As you may or may not know, I have a slight obsession with Tart Collections. If I was super rich, I'd buy the ENTIRE collection every season. I love literally everything from them. I am short, 4'9" to be exact, so finding a maxi dress that I did not need to hem was a bit daunting. I was beyond thrilled to find the Tart Raquel Dress ($246) at for $70. As you can see on the model, it hits her mid shin. On me, it's floor length. I believe that the length from shoulder to hem is 51 inches.

$70 is on the high side, but compared to what it costs retail you're definitely getting a deal. Again, I 100% adore these dresses. They are sexy, very flattering for petites, comfortable and durable. The fabric is thick and it doesn't wrinkle which makes them perfect for traveling.  I really swear by them. I was looking last night and I have 8!

I didn't like the lace-up style back in the photos, but in real life it's kind of cute. I got this dress in green. I wish I had gotten it in black too. If you're petite, I definitely recommend. On the Tart site the only color available is white. :( Boo. I want more.

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