Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why, Urban Decay? Why?

This is the original terrible, terrible genie style tube that Urban Decay's Primer Potion was packaged in.

Obviously you can't maneuver the wand too well and end up leaving a ridiculous amount of product inside. I noticed that the wand wasn't picking up as much product as it used to so I figured it was time to de-pot the sucker. If you're a smart person, you would have googled "how to depot udpp" or something similar, but I didn't and proceeded to do go about it the wrong way.

First, I took out the wand and removed the plastic part at the opening (lid) of the container. Easy enough. I then used a serrated knife to saw around the top of the bottle. I don't really recommend that method though because you end up getting tiny plastic shavings in the product. And it's very messy for you, your cutting board and the knife. I also thought I was going to cut myself multiple times. If you're going to use the sawing method, I recommend sawing through the thinnest part of the bottle at the bottom at this time too. I didn't do that and ended up having to while my hands were covered in UDPP. All you need to do now is use the wand or a knife to scoop out the remaining product.

I used a 5 ml jar and filled it quite easily. I suggest spraying all of your tools/materials with a +70% isopropyl alcohol to prevent contamination. I actually had a couple mini UDPP's but was so frustrated that I just threw them away.

The easy method, it turns out, is removing the plastic at the lip, microwaving the UDPP for 15-20 seconds. Then you can tap it out on something glass or metal and scrape it without having to use a knife in any capacity. Overall, I like the product but the packaging woes outweigh the good. Now it comes in a nice little squeeze tube but I have a kind of bitter taste in my mouth from this whole experience, enough to make me try the NARS primer instead of this one.

Is there any other makeup packaging you hate? Or love? Please let me know in the comments.

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Ellen said...

Being equally satisfied with UDPP and Two Faced Shadow Insurance, I stick with Two Faced. That squeeze tube rocks, and one tube of it lasts for over a year.

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