Thursday, January 19, 2012

Q-Tips Precision Tips

Q-Tips recently released a new version called Precision Tips ($2.49 for 170 swabs) and they are awesome.

Here's a list of my favorite ways to use them:
-I use the pointed tip to go over the eyeliner and absorb extra oils. I also use it to blend the eyeliner I apply over that into a nice soft line. I use the other side to clean up underneath my eye- where all of the mascara and shadow has accumulated.
-My husband's favorite use for them is to clean his ears. I let him use regular Q-tips for that. (Don't wanth im poking his brain, lol)
-Remove nailpolish from your fingers with the pointed tip.
-Use as a detail "brush" for nail art. I used them to make christmas lights on my nails at Xmas.
-Clean up mascara or glitter that's fallen onto your face with a damp Q-tip.
-Use it as a disposable wand for potted products like lip gloss or concealer so you don't contaminate it.
-Dip Q-Tips in eye cream and put in ziplock baggie. Take on a plane or travelling.
-Dab with alochol and clean the inside of your makeup compacts.
-Clean hard to reach crevices like in molding or around the sink.
-Instead of carting around your entire makeup bag for a night, load Q-tips with lipgloss, blush, eyeshadow, whatever and store them in a vintage cigarette case. Everything is right there, ready to go!

Overall I love Q-tips, there's neverending uses for them and the store brand really does not compare. The cotton is woven more loosely and it's just not as good. I'm SO happy they have come out with the precision tips! Go try em.

face candy grade: A+

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