Monday, May 07, 2012

Nail Polish Rack

I was trying to organize my nail polish in boxes and it just didn't work because I couldn't see the colors. So I went on Ebay and bought this acrylic organizer. It has 6 rows and holds up to 90 bottles. In my picture you only see 5 rows but I filled the last row with minis. It's big. It's 20.5" x 24" x 2". It comes with an extra acrylic piece that says "Nail Station" but I threw that away. It mounts to the wall with screws and pre-drilled holes.

I bought mine from buyer worldmart-us for $41. Shipping was $6.49. It shipped very quickly. I love it and now just need to figure out where to hang it.

How do you organize your nail polish? Obviously I have too much and need to not buy anymore!

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