Saturday, July 07, 2012

Trish McEvoy's Little Black Card is Adorable.

Trish McEvoy's Little Black Card ($60) is one of my new favorites. It's exactly the size of a credit card and maybe 3/4 inch tall. The first tier includes eye shadows in almond, delicate pink and shell, glaze eye shadows in orchid, sugar plum and platinum, and eye definers in deep amethyst and deep aubergine. I kind of dislike platinum. the silvery color, it's a bit too cool for me and I don't feel like the palest, matte shades, shell and delicate pink are very different. There are a couple shades that don't get much use but the selection is decent for taking you from day to night easily.

The lower layer contains a bronzer in golden (medium bronze), a blush in glow (peachy pink), lip glosses in sexy (pale pink) and serene (lavender) and a brightening line minimizing concealer in medium. I love the combination of bronzer and blush and use it all the time. The gloss and concealer are nice to have in a pinch, but I don't use them. I think one of the glosses should have been darker for nighttime.

I have to say that I dislike how they just give you medium concealer. It's also a bit dry. What if that's not your shade? They should give you an option for sure.

Overall I really like the idea and find it very handy to have a beauty arsenal in such a tiny compact the size of your credit card. I carry a mini eyeshadow brush and and mini blush brush but you can also use your fingers.

Also, right now at Nordstrom, you can get the Little Black Card plus a mini high volume mascara and mini classic eye pencil for $68. It's called the "Classic Getaway Set."

face candy grade: A

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terry said...

Cute, light, and stylish.

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