NARS Review

I am easily seduced by NARS cosmetics. It’s easy to convince myself I need something else enrobed in matte black packaging. Here are my most recent finds:

I couldn’t resist the Danmari All About Cheeks Palette($107 value, for $65). I personally think the regular sized blushes are huge (0.16 oz.) but the tinier (0.12 oz) ones are perfect. This palette of 6 contains an OK selection of colors, I do think they should have left out one of the Orgasm shades, because who needs 2 and how much difference is there really between Orgasm and Super Orgasm? I was impressed with the size of this palette and love the large mirror. Great travel palette. At $65, each 0.12 oz. blush works out to cost $10.83. A regular sized 0.16 oz. blush costs $27. For a regular blush you’re paying $168.75/oz. In this palette you’re paying $90.28/oz. Overall, I didn’t really need it, but… oh well.

face candy grade: B+

Is there one beauty thing that you always manage to do? Mine is contouring. I love my cheekbones and ALWAYS contour. I bought The Multiple Bronzer ($38) in Malaysia for quick on the go contouring. A couple swipes, blend with your fingers and you’re done. The color is intense at first but can be sheered depending on your desired finish. I layer Laguna Powder Bronzer over top with an angled cheek brush. I really like it but don’t think it’s worth $38.

face candy grade: B-

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After being quite disappointed by MUFE’s uplights, I decided to try The Illuminator ($29) in Copacabana. The glistening pinky pearl is not a color I would have normally picked for myself, but I’m branching out and trying new things. Anyway, I apply a little on both cheeks and up into the cheek bones, down the center of my nose and on my cupid’s bow. Combine this with the Multiple Bronzer and your face will have dimensions you never knew it had! Work quickly though, it can dry in an unflattering way if you wait too long. One of my new favorites.
face candy grade: A

The Arabian Nights Trio Eyeshadow ($45) caught my eye and I needed it. I love the first two shades, black with red pearl and black with purple pearl, but could do without the black with gunmetal shimmer. I all ready own Night Clubbing which is black with gold pearl. This is one of my favorite lining palettes, I almost always reach for it when getting dressed up. That said, I find the third eyeshadow to be useless and the first has begun to crumble a bit around the edges despite having travelled practically no where in its short life. If you’re really into the colors, splurge, but otherwise you can probably live without it.

face candy grade: B-

What are your favorite NARS products? I think the next thing to try will be the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base ($24) as I know some people prefer it to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, which I am just now finishing up.

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My Experience @ The Makeup Show New York

Last weekend, I was invited to The Makeup Show New York. Saturday was a preview day and the show was Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, I was sick most of Saturday and Sunday but I managed to get on a train Sunday afternoon and arrived just in time for the show to be over. I took the Amtrak train, because my husband prefers to travel that way, but I’d kind of rather take the $5 megabus and spend the rest on makeup. It’s only a little bit longer by bus. Anyway, we stayed at the Warwick Hotel, which is very nice. I booked it through Gilt Groupe’s Travel site, They offer luxury hotel flash sales. Not a member? Sign up here. *If you sign up, you get $25 to spend. Once you book a hotel, I get $25 added to my account.*

Monday, I headed to the show around noon and was immediately overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start. I should have had more of a system. Since there are a lot of people and only one display per brand, it’s easy to get impatient waiting for your turn. I ended up waiting forever in the Embryolisse line and moved on, but then forgot to go back! Overall, I had a really good time and can’t wait to go again next year.

Here are some tips for going to TMS:
Make a list of things you want to try and/or buy for sureI of course, did this and then forgot my list at home.
Get your foundation/concealer shades BEFORE you goWhile there are makeup artists and professionals there, there are a LOT of people too, so be prepared to wait for someone to help you. You’ll also have to choose from the available selection they have. Meaning there’s ONE set of foundations for everyone, so if there’s 5 people grabbing different ones to try, that’s 5 shades you aren’t seeing.
Decide what seminars you want to hear and plan your day around them.
Double check your order to make sure you got everything you checked off and paid for. I checked off a MUFE lip gloss that never made it into my bag.
Be patient. I got out of lots of lines after picking things out because I was impatient.
Take some breathersI am easily annoyed with large crowds of people. I ended up leaving after like 3 hours because I felt claustrophobic, when there were lots of other things I would have liked to see.

Highlights include passing Sam Fine, buying makeup from Rose-Marie Swift and speaking to Reggie Wells. I didn’t take pictures because… I just don’t do that.

Here’s the full list:
-Prep & Prime HD Exlixir ($38 for $22.80)
-UV Prime SPF 50/PA+++($30 for $18)
-Lift Concealer #2 ($22 for $13.20)
-Duo Mat Powder Foundation #203 ($32 for $19.20)
-Uplight Face Luminizer Gel #11 ($29 for $17.40)
-Aqua Smoky Lash ($22 for $13.20)
-Aqua Liner #14 and 17 ($23 for $13.80 each)
-Aqua Cream #14, 16 and 17 ($22 for $13.20 each)
-Aqua Eyes Waterproof Pencil 4L and 18 L ($18.50 for $10.80 each)
-Aqua Lip Liner #18 C ($17 for $10.20)

Yves Saint Laurent
-Rouge Pur Couture Pure Color Lipstick SPF 15 ($30 for $24)
-Touche Eclat Radiant Touch #8 ($40 for $32)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Lip Tar ($13 each)
Loose Colour Concentrate ($12)
(paid $80 for all)

RMS Beauty
-Raw Coconut Cream ($18)
-Luminizer ($38)
(paid $42 for both)

*Tickets to The Makeup Show NYC were provided by a PR company. See disclosure page.

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MAC – Venomous Villains

A POTION TO POISION, AN APPLE TO BIE, A SPELL TO CAST… bad never looked so good. A CRYSTAL BALL OF COLOUR creted from your favourite Disney venomous villains, inspired by the three most infamously frosty, FABULOUS and formidable of Disney’s DARK LADIES… and one DASTARDLY Dr. Facilier. Don’t you love it?
A MAC and Disney collaboration to celebrate THE DARK SIDE in every one of us, in a glamorous sort of way. WHO’S THE FAIRSET ONE OF ALL? Four separate mini-collections, IN HAUTE ANIMATED COUTURE. The incomparable Cruella de Vil and Snow White’s Evil Queen, each featured on one ultra primary displayer. Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. FACILIER are both up to no good on their own. UNIQUELY DESIGNED ICONIC PACKAGING YOU WILL KILL FOR, cunning characters and bedeviled beauties that are so alluring, you can’t help but wonder: WHAT WOULD  IT BE TO BE ONE?

Eye Shadow ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Sweet Joy – Frosted creamy pale gold (frost)
-De-Vil- Rich copper (veluxe pearl)
-Carbon- Intense black (matte)

Lipstick ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Innocence, Beware!- Light yellow pink (cremesheen)
-Heartless- Cherry red (amplified)

Lipglass ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Wicked Ways- Light nude with gold pearl
-Devilishly Sylish- Deep fuchsia with pink pearl

Powder Blush ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)
-Darkly My Dear- Dirty brown plum (matte)

Beauty Powder ($25 US/$30 CDN)
-Her Own Devices- Cool nude

Penultimate Eye Liner ($16.50 US/$20 CDN)
-Rapidblack- True black

Eye Shadow ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Her Alter Image- Light violet (veluxe pearl)
-Vainglorious- Bronze burgundy (frost)
-Vile Violet- Deep dirty blue purple (matte)

Lipstick ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Toxic Tale- Bright coral (satin)
-Sinister- Soft brown plum (lustre)

Lipglass ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Strange Potion- Soft coral pink
-Hot House- Deep rasperry with pink pearl

Powder Blush ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN) -Bite of an Apple- Soft coral pink (matte)

Beauty Powder ($25 US/$30 CDN)
-Oh So Fair- Clean pink with gold pearl

Penultimate Brow Marker ($16.50 US/$20 CDN)

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo ($21 US/$25 CDN)
-My Dark Magic- Deep pink with pink pearl/Deep plum with purple pearl
-She Who Dares- Deep navy with blue pearl/Deep forest green with lime green pearl

Lipstick ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN) -Violetta- Bright clean violet purple (amplified)
-Dark Deed- Burgundy plum (amplified)

Lipglass ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Revenge Is Sweet- Light yellow purple
-Wrong Spell- Deep plum with pink purple

Beauty Powder ($25 US/$30 CDN)
-Briar Rose- Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer ($13 US/$15.50 CDN)
-Bad Fairy- Red with red multi-changin pearl
-Mean & Green- Purple with teal multi-changing pearl

Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50 US/$35.50)
-Truth & Light- Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink
-Cajun- Sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold

Lipgelee ($15.50 US/$18.50 CDN)
-Resort Life- Off white with pink pearl

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 US/$21 CDN)
-Slick Black- True carbon black
-French Quarter- Dirty black green with multi-colour pearl

Pigment ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)
-Melon- Soft bright golden peach (frost)
-Brash & Bold- Bright magenta (frost)
-Push the Edge- Deep bright purple with pearl (frost)

Zoom Fast Black Lash ($14 US/$16.50 CDN)
-Deepest Black

I’m So Vain Mirror ($12 US/$14.50 CDN)
-Compact inspired by collaboration; interior contains standard mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on alternate side.


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