Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy:

Face Candy is a personal blog, written and edited by Kyle Kingsley-Scott. Photos are generally from PR Companies or Brands. If I take the picture, I try to let you know. From time to time I am sent products for free to review from PR Companies or brands. This does not influence my opinions positively or negatively. I always take price into account when I give items their “face candy grade.” That being said, I definitely pay for lots of it. And that’s okay with me, I consider it “research.”
I DO NOT get paid by brands or PR Companies to say that their product is awesome. These are my opinions only and I am not an expert. I have never been to beauty school or worked for any sort of cosmetic company. If you disagree with them, feel free to comment.
I DO get paid directly for ads that run on Face Candy, either by the brand or by Google. I work hard on this blog. I’ve spent many hours researching, shopping, photo-shopping, testing, editing and typing. I do this while having a 9 – 5:30 job, so I consider these small earnings perks. (Seriously, how am I expected to continue purchasing increasingly expensive beauty products with no income?) If I am paid in any way for a review or got it for free, I’ll let you know.


Face Candy collects personal information for giveaways/contests. That may include your name, email address, mailing address and possibly phone number. If you subscribe via email to Face Candy, your email address will be recorded by Feedburner.


I use this information solely for giveaways/contests. I will not share or sell your information to any third-party.